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Skate, Hit, & Shoot without pain
Hockey Stick and Puck

Unique Rehab for a Unique Sport

The biomechanics and unique demands of hockey make it a sport unlike any other. It's crucial to have a team that understands these nuances and speaks the language of hockey to optimize your physical therapy.

The Hockey Experts

Dr. Alex, who played junior and collegiate ice hockey, is one of the few licensed physical therapists who specializes in rehabilitating hockey-related injuries. RYG also collaborates with skating experts, Josh Biser from Lead Hockey and Claudia Kepler from Hockey EDU, to bridge your rehab onto the ice. 

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Ice Texture

Off-Ice + On-Ice Physical Therapy

Our comprehensive hockey rehab programs get you back onto the ice feeling and moving better. We take it one step further with the option to add structured on-ice guidance to safely and confidently progress inside the rink. This paralleled approach allows you to match your off-ice physical therapy with skating, shooting, and body contact progressions on the ice. This is most applicable for longer post-surgical rehabs.

Working with Alex at RYG was by far the best decision I made throughout my rehab process. Alex was always super responsive to my needs and making adjustments throughout my physical therapy process. I had a pretty heavy shoulder surgery (latarjet procedure), that put my back to action recovery time between 5 and 6 months. Alex did absolutely everything to get me back on the right track. I would recommend anyone who is serious about get back to feeling 100% to work with him. Outright the best guy you can work with in Madison.

  -Aaron Swanson, College Hockey Player

I have experienced chronic lower back pain my entire hockey career. I have sought out countless different types of PT and nothing has ever solved the issue. Everything that I tried always seemed to just be able to hold me over until my next treatment. One session with Dr. Shuchuk and he setup me up with a program to not only treat my back issue but SOLVE the issue so that it no longer bothers me during season. I highly, HIGHLY recommend that if anyone, athlete or not, if you have any issues Dr. Shuchuk can help. Best PT I have worked with throughout my professional hockey career.

-Eddie Matsushima, Pro Hockey Player

Alex is awesome. Great experience.

-Mick Messner, Pro Hockey Player

Awesome place, always has the right thing. Attacks the problem from all directions resulting in a speedy and strong recovery.

-Conrad Moline, Junior Hockey Player

Alex has been working on my hip for the past couple months, I really wish I could’ve done post op PT with him but it turns out I couldn’t since I’m getting surgery back home in Colorado. Alex communication with me was truly great I was always comfortable and confident he knew what he was talking about and great at informing me. The PT was a great mix of healing but becoming stronger at the same time and as an athlete that is what I needed. I highly will recommend any athlete I know to at least meet with Alex because he does a great job all around.

-Ethan Begg, Junior Hockey Player

After many injuries included a major knee surgery, RYG helped me get back to full strength. Alex created an individualized program for me, and we worked almost everyday to strengthen and rehab. After a couple months I felt better than I did to begin with. To anybody that has any injuries or nagging pains, I would recommend RYG before anyone else!!

-Thomas Weis, College Hockey Player

I had a skate slice through my tricep. Dr. Shuey guided me through my rehab and pushed me throughout my recovery. Very knowledgeable and good at what he does! He was able to get me back playing within a month.

-Blake Stafford, College Hockey Player

Had an amazing time this summer rehabbing my ankle with Dr. Shuchuk. He is very knowledgeable in any area of PT and always willing and able to help any ailment you have! I thought my ankle could never be fixed, but after getting on a plan and staying consistent I have regained my game! Thanks Shu

-Mac Reed, Junior Hockey Player

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